Zhongxing Buttons Riveting Machinery Co.,LTD. WAS ESTABLISHED IN 2005

About Us

Zhongxing Buttons Riveting Machinery Co.,LTD is a integrated high-tech enterprise which includes the reseach and development,production ,sales and trade.After ten years of unremitting efforts and the support of new & old customers , we set up our own brand so that "zhongxing" button machinery exported to countries around the world.We won the majority of customer recognition and praise because of excellent quality, exquisite technology and good reputation.

"Zhongxing" machinery mainly produce fully automated machinery and equipment like button riveting machine,roll neck machine,sorting machine,play button machine,spring machine etc.They are suitable for luggage, handbags, footwear, stationery, rain gear, electric appliances, lighting, car, clothing and other hardware accessories.

The characteristics of "Zhongxing" is pragmatic innovation and satisfy customers demand, believe us will be your wise choice.

Company History


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